The Only 5 Ballet Flats You’ll Ever Need

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I’ve been thinking a lot about flats lately. I know, weird, right? Hear me out.

I was reading a post on social media from a woman asking what constituted business casual. She was re-entering the workforce and didn’t know what to wear. Based on the responses, there are varying degrees of what is considered biz cas these days. I suspect it may also be largely dependent on the market you are dressing for. Business casual in Hawaii is quite different from biz cas on Wall Street.

What I found interesting was the mention of heels. To me, heels are a requirement (as in you better require me to wear them or I’m not gonna) rather than the staple. After spending years and years in heels, why on earth would I want to wear them now? They’re uncomfortable, they make noise, you can’t wear comfy socks, they suck for driving, the list goes on. That’s what got me thinking about flats.

Flats have come a long way. From the frumpy house shoes of 50’s housewives to the industrial footwear of the war era women factory workers, they generally weren’t considered cute, sexy or dressy. Oh have times changed.


When Tory Burch burst into the fashion world around 2004, her signature Reva flats, named for her beloved mother, became synonymous with wealthy women and women who aspired to be. The Louis Vuitton toting brunch posse were seen in their ill fitting Reva flats all over town. With their big gold logo on the toe box, everyone could easily tell you were wearing the coveted $250 flats. The Reva craze taught me that we will wear incredibly uncomfortable shoes in the name of fashion and brand recognition.

To her credit, Tory recognized the issue with her flats and revamped them into fantastic and comfy shoes that look nice enough to wear to the office or with a dress. I’m on my 3rd black pair, having retired my first two, and I have a half dozen of various shades milling about my closet lest I require a comfy but cute shoe. Reva broke Tory into the mainstream, but the subsequent iterations kept her there.

Now that the ballet flat is considered more fashionable than in the past, there are tons of options (I’m not including Chanel flats which have been around for ages, cause if you can afford those you don’t care about fashion trends, you are fashion trends.) .

Obviously not everyone if gonna drop a couple hundo on flats (I have a kid now, so I certainly don’t) so what are the equally awesome but more affordable options? I’m so glad you asked, because I’ve been looking and I’ve found some game changing ballet flats to get you through whatever this year is gonna throw at us. For you purists, don’t worry, all of these come in basic black, and they’re the only ballet flats you’ll ever need!


The Amazon Essentials ballet flat has almost 20k ratings with an average of 4.5/5 stars. They come in over 30 colors and textures, and they’re only very inexpensive! What?! I’ve been searching for a pair of leopard print flats for absolutely no reason at all, and these may be the winners. For such a great price, how can I go wrong. They’re also part of Prime Wardrobe, where you can try before you buy!


I have a love hate with ankle straps. I hate the ones that buckle on the outside of the ankle cause how am I supposed to reach those damn things? Elastic however is a horse of a different color.

First, the criss-cross straps are reminiscent of ballet pointe shoes, which the little girl in me is squealing at. The toe is round, so no squished tootsies, and the ratings are great. One aspect I particularly like is the very high heel cover. One of the places I tend to get blisters when I wear flats is right where the back of the shoe rubs on my heel. By taking that part away, raising the back of the shoe and securing it with the straps, I suspect rubbing is at a minimum and they may be much more comfy and supportive. How cute would these be with skinny crop pants or a skirt?


By now you all know I’m a fan of bling. I don’t care the occasion, I loves me some sparkle. These embellished flats, also by Dream Pairs, are the cutest!

The white are awesome wedding flats, while the black with black stones are just dressy enough for a night out, but deceptively comfy. Next time you see me in Vegas, I’ll be rocking these at the craps table! The all gold and all silver versions are the stuff dreams are made of.


The Heawish mesh pointed toe ballet flats are an interesting find for sure. With solid ratings and a reasonable price point, these look like great summer flats that are breathable and flexible. I also love that you can fold them which makes them ideal for business trips or stuffing in your purse when you’re wearing heels. They have a unique color and pattern selection, with some even looking a bit sporty. I think the yellow ones would look amazing with skinny jeans and a tee shirt.


The Charles Albert knotted ballet flat is a great option for folks who like a little embellishment on their flats. I think I love these so much because they remind me of my Sister-in-Law who had a pair she wore everywhere. The knot gives the classic flat a little sass while retaining the all important comfort factor. With 30 color and texture options, there’s bound to be one that will make a nice addition to your brunch ensemble. Oh, and did I mention they’re a great price?

I mean, I wasn’t kidding, was I? These 5 ballet flats are the only one’s you’ll ever need and cover basically every occasion except maybe participating in Track and Field events. Need a cute business casual top to go with these? Gotcha covered. Click HERE for 5 business casual tops to keep in your closet.

Make sure to share your flats and let me know what you think! Buy something that makes you feel fabulous!


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