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Hi Friends, I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who have been reading my posts and encouraging me along the way. Writing, even if it’s partially monetized, is very personal and oftentimes is a window into a person’s soul. While many of my pieces are light and shopping centric, a few are personal and reflective of who I am as a person and a Mom. Thanks for joining me on this journey. (I think ‘journey’ is an overused word, but it sounded better than ‘sh*tshow in progress.’) I look forward to future interactions!

Also, I’m super excited to share has granted me a storefront through the Amazon Influencer Program. This means you now have a one-stop shop for all the awesome things I find and write about. You can click the link below for my storefront, The Hapa Shoppa! Don’t forget to click the FOLLOW button on the home page so you can be notified when new collections pop up. Hope you love the items I’ve curated, I’m adding new ones daily!

The Hapa Shoppa @ Amazon

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