9 Sandals To Wear With Summer Outfits


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Welcome to another edition of Heather Lost Her Damn Mind on Amazon. Today we’re gonna feature all the sandals I had in my cart before my husband cut the power and internet to the house so I couldn’t buy them. I’m typing this now from a secret bunker in my closet. Shhhh.

So it’s Spring, Easter is over, I’ve had my second dose of the COVID vaccine, and to celebrate, I got a pedicure. This was my first salon pedicure in damn near a year, and wow. Just…wow.

To say getting a pedi was a luxury is an understatement. It was also a pretty damn humiliating experience. The dude doing my toes was in awe, like he called others over to take a look type awe, at the amount of dead skin he was able to rasp off my feet. Like I said, it’s been a while.

Need new sunnies to complete you summer look? I gotcha covered right here with the best of 2021!

Fresh out of the nail salon and rocking sparkly pink princess toes, I knew it was time for some new sandals. Sure, I can wear my Birkenstocks whenever, but I want some cute and comfy everyday looks that I can wear with sundresses, shorts, and even jeans – if I ever leave the house for anywhere other than work, grocery or pedicures.

Initially this post was going to be sandals from different brands, but I kept finding cuteness that was Amazon Essentials so I figured let’s just keep it real here. So, I offer you 9 pairs of affordable, flat or flat-ish sandals from our friends at Amazon.

All of the sandals below come in multiple colors, not just the ones shown.

Brown Slingback Strappy Sandal

Amazon Essentials Women’s Strappy Sandal

← Strappy Sandal

The Amazon Essentials Women’s Strappy Sandal comes in 6 colors and is a great option for a maxi dress or a casual look. Get saucy with some polka dots or an animal print top then head over to Urban Outfitters and laugh cause they’re selling a similar style for $100!

Gold flat slide sandal

Amazon Essentials Women’s H Band Flat Sandal

H Band Flat Sandal →

The Amazon Essentials Women’s H Band Flat Sandal is currently priced under $20 and will end up being your favorite slide sandals to pair with a denim jacket and a white dress for your go to summer look on date night. Try them with boyfriend jeans, long skirts, short skirts, or any casual style really.

Rose gold gladiator flat sandal

Amazon Essentials Women’s Gladiator Flat Sandal

← Gladiator Sandal

The Amazon Essentials Women’s Gladiator Sandals are the stylish look you need for all your chic outfits. Wear them with denim cutoffs or wide leg pants and a white tee shirt. Maybe an all black outfit with the gorgeous rose gold color. If you’re not into metallics, don’t fret, there are 4 color options to choose from.

animal print platform sandal

Amazon Essentials Women’s Criss Cross Sport Sandal

Criss Cross Sport Sandal →

I have a love/hate relationship with platform shoes in general. On one hand I’m like why would you want to make your feet look clunky and your legs look chunky? On the other hand, when it’s a subtle pair of platform sandals that are super cute, I can’t pass em up. These right here will work with skinny jeans, knee-length dresses, or a shift dress. If you’ve got long legs, these will look amazing and may become your favorite sandals.

Strappy flat black sandal

Amazon Essentials Women’s Strappy Footbed Sandal

 ← Strappy Footbed Sandal

I loves me some black sandals with a black sole, and these black shoes are perfect for casual occasions or just a white shirt and denim shorts. Of course you can always go with a basic black top, but these will work with so many cute outfits in your casual wear collection. Just don’t commit the classic fashion faux pas by wearing these with dressy outfits as these are definitely not dressy shoes, even if they are all black. They come in other colors too!

You saved so much money on sandals, now you need a new handbag! Check out these best sellers all under $100!

Turquoise thong flat sanfal

Amazon Essentials Women’s Thong Sandal

Thong Sandal →

Is there anything better than flat sandals with a pop of color? These sandals have a very feminine look even though they are basically flip flops. While they come in standard colors, there are a few bold hues I like, and paired with a simple top, midi skirts or a floral frock, these thong sandals can add bright colors to an all white look, perhaps a white jeans outfit? Grab a pair in a vibrant hue and throw on your everyday clothes. Why not?

Strappy flat brown sandal

Amazon Essentials Women’s Strappy Slide Flat Sandal

← Strappy Slide Flat Sandal

Who doesn’t need a pair of brown sandals? These may look like expensive leather sandals but they aren’t! Pair these with all your summer outfits, Pair of jeans and a striped shirt? Yes! Long dress? Yes! Long pants? Sure, why not? Suit jacket? Ok let’s not get crazy here. My point is you can wear this strappy flat with plenty of outfit ideas and they’re a great option for travel cause they’re very thin and light. Slide styles are always a personal favorite of mine, especially for going through TSA.

Brown flat buckle sandal

Amazon Essentials Women’s Two Strap Buckle Sandal

Two Strap Buckle Sandal →

When you need ankle straps for stability, these minimalist look sandals are a great way to pull off different outfits with great shoes. Wear these on Memorial Day weekend when the family wants to walk through the park, or wear a long blazer, blue jeans and sandals to the office for a casual Friday with a summer vibe. Don’t forget, all of the sandals mentioned in this post come in different colors besides the ones shown!

Brown flat thong with strap sandal

Amazon Essentials Women’s Casual Thong With Ankle Strap Sandal

← Thong With Ankle Strap Sandal

I was never a huge fan of ankle strap thongs before I got my first pair last year. They were life changing. Super casual with a flip flop vibe, but with a heel strap that means business. It’s like a reverse mullet. Party in the front and business in the back. The best part of these is when I don’t have a ton of time to decide what vibe I’m going for, I can throw these on for instant casual outfit realness.

Hope you see something you love, let me know in the comments. As always, buy something that makes you feel fabulous!

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